20 / 12 / 2022 - 17:00 – 17:30

Ahmed M. K. Tarabia

Faculty of Science, Damietta University

Explicit Solutions for Some Queueing Systems: New Trends


This article presents a short and elegant survey on explicit solutions for some queueing systems. The outline of a new technique called randomization is also considered to illustrate how this technique can be used to obtain new transient solutions for some queueing models which may can't to obtain by the direct methods. Moreover, based on generating function technique and a direct approach, transient and steady state analyses of the queue length of some Markovian queues with balking, catastrophes, server failures and repairs are carried out. Summarizing the past work related to the computation of the transient state behavior of the given for different queueing models with different features. Finally, summarizing the significant new trends in research on these models and identifying some areas that need to be addressed in the future in this field.