The aim of this conference is to bring together scientists and researchers from interdisciplinary mathematics fields ranging from pure and applied mathematics, probability, statistics, computer science, information technology and their applications..

Prof. T. Mostafa

Honor Chairman

Prof Dr Yehia Mahmoud

Vice Honor Chairman

Prof. Dr. A. Aboanber


Prof. Dr. E. Ammar



3rd International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics& Information Technology (3rd ICMSIT 2022) Tanta, Egypt 20-22 Dec 2022 Organized by
Faculty of Science – Tanta University
Under the Auspices
Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar Minister of Higher Education
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Zaki President of Tanta University
Prof. Dr. Kamal Okasha Vice President for Post Graduate Studies and Research

Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. T. Mostafa (Honor Chairman) Dean of Faculty of Science, Tanta University
Prof. Dr. Y. Abdel-Galel (Vice Honor Chairman) Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Chairman Prof. Dr. A. Aboanber ,
Coordinator Prof. Dr. E. Ammar Prof. Dr. Q. Zakaria ,
Secretary Prof. Dr. T. Amer Ass. Prof. K. Elmrabie ,
Organizer Prof. Dr. A. Badawy Prof. Dr. M.M. Ezzat

Organizing Committee